How Amazon Keeps Your eco active

How Amazon Keeps Your eco active

If you haven’t seen it before, Amazon’s Super Bowl LII commercial is pretty smart. Thanks to a company that came up with a fun way to break up the celebrity with Alexa without feeling too cheap and reasonable.

More importantly, a big thanks to Amazon engineers who came up with a creative way to broadcast “words” without triggering everyone’s scale, regardless of the version of the device they own.

The hardest part of watching YouTube videos 

TV commercials that mention Alexa is the repeated device usually triggered to be able to respond to queries.

To make matters worse, the person you say “Alexa” you see continues to rattle, for Echo to do what you don’t want to do — or you can’t execute the command you tried to interpret. I apologize for that.

Amazon definitely mentioned anonymously its Super Bowl LII and wanted to mention it often, so the company came up with another way to avoid getting inside everyone doing it … I already have an Echo device.

Solution? Acoustic fingerprint.

Shiv Vitaladevuni, former manager of the Alexa Learning Learning team, said in an Amazon blog post: “It is impossible to accidentally reject millions of people using Alexa daily, suppressing the device’s intensive activation. No.”

Amazon doesn’t elaborate on the specific technique used to prevent repeat after being triggered by a Super Bowl ad, but Bloomberg points out that Reddit Asphyhackr users can find Amazon’s secret. He is.

“After a bit of research tonight, if Echo searches the audio spectrum during word processing wake up and is fairly quiet in the 4000hz to 5000hz area, the echo won’t wake up from the waking word,” Asphyhackr writes.

“When I analyzed its spectrum by saying its name, the spectrum was very quiet at 3000hz at 6000hz range. In some of these recordings, it seemed that these frequencies were not present. Fine frequencies are recognized in the gaps. ..

In other words, if repeated (Amazon Best Price) notices something weird in the audio spectrum, you’ll see that you need to ignore statements like “Alexa”.

This works well when Amazon makes systematic announcements like announcements, but if you can’t expect a massive dissemination of the name of a digital assistant, the company needs to be a bit more creative.

“When multiple devices start to fire together at one broadcast event, audio streaming is similar to Alexa’s cloud service.

Amazon’s cloud algorithm detects matched associates from different devices, and additional devices respond …”

Dynamic fingerprinting is not perfect, but thanks to the dynamic creation of fingerprints, 80-90% of devices do not respond to such emissions, “read Amazon’s blog.

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