How Start-ups are Making Money from getting out from thin air

How Start-ups are Making Money from getting out from thin air

Raising air pollution levels in the Indian capital, Delhi, raises concerns about health and the environment. Many major cities are also facing the worst air quality and smog conditions that citizens are gradually suffocating.

According to a recent Greenpeace India report, out of nearly 630 million people, close to 550 million, live in areas that exceed the PM10 national standard. According to the Central Pollution Control Board.

Contamination of the particulate matter (PM10) consists of small particles of liquid and solid suspended in the air. One of the most dangerous pollutants in the air.

Entrepreneurs in India have listed several top Indian startups to provide their own solutions to India’s air pollution problems.

A better understanding of air quality issues:

Based in Delhi, Kaitera produces highly accurate monitors that measure various air pollutants for consumers, businesses, and industries.

With these devices, users can better understand their air quality and at the same time send a stream of pollutant data to the cloud to process and data from official monitoring stations, satellites, and other sources.

Combine to create quality outdoor air cards.

Nita Soans CEO Kaiterra India stressed that the global impact of air pollution on people’s lives is often measured to be higher than combining HIV / AIDS, malaria and traffic accidents.

“Our company is focused on solving this problem in the long term, both for people and for society as a whole. Our driving force and mission is to eliminate air pollution,” Improve the environment, “says Soans. .

Draw air pollution levels:

The appeal was strong enough that they gave up on the expensive remaining career and entered an area without entrepreneurship.

In order to allow people with the highest quality of “right to breath”, they invented the “air lens”. This is a new nasal air purifier that effectively removes harmful pollutants such as PM 2.5, PM 10, and dangerous gases from inhaled air.

The second component of Airlens is the Data Airlens app that provides tracking protection for personal air quality indicators (hyperlocal) (AQI).

According to Dr. Shashi Ranjan, Director of PerSapien Innovations, the main challenge was making the device breathe comfortably without suffocation. Therefore, the team invented a new technology “active molecular air purification technology”.

“Boosting this product is very comfortable for everyday use and is validated through other certifications such as important medical safety and ISO biocompatibility, CE certification,” says Ranjan.

Low cost solutions to eliminate air pollution:

Social Enterprise Smart Air, based in Delhi, builds on the concept of a cleaner by simply providing the most important and achievable solutions, namely HEPA and activated carbon, to eliminate air pollution in indoor space.

The startup offers affordable air purifiers as a low-cost solution to the threat of indoor air pollution in India, China and Mongolia.

Ashutosh Thakur, co-founder of Smart Air Filters India, says air pollution is the most basic need, and most of the air purifiers are out of the ordinary range, so they focus on air pollution.

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