10 Tips About Role of a software architect You Can’t Afford To Miss

The main role of a software architect On the other hand, the software architect must know whether or not he will use to build the system, for example, development environment or projection or part of DevOps and even Basic Functionality (DDD, Continuous Integration, TDD )… All good behavior) Team members should be able to disseminate both their knowledge, vision and discipline. Software documentation .

Importance of I still think that documentation is important in software development.  Importance of being a software architect in a software team money and time. And conversely good software architectures help a team work by thinking about decision potential, performance and cost reduction. Again, a good software architect can solve problems that the company could not solve in many years.  Let me emphasize, not all “software architects” are good. I would say that there are very few people in the world, but now the software development team is beginning to understand the importance of being one and this field is developing very fast. And experience proves that 90% of important decisions are taken right by the software architect.

Difference between software architect and software developer .Software architects should not be banned in writing code. And simply gaining solid experience, working for multiple projects and achieving remarkable results can grow as a developer.   Let’s look at this in more detail: Software Architect – This is not just a title, it is a way of thinking.He is responsible not only for the Software Developer – Generally a developer makes a specific decision within his responsibilities at a specific time. high maintenance Sustainability is the absence of technical debt. Changes in one area of ​​an application do not really affect others. Adding features does not require major code-base changes. Adding new ways to interact with the application requires some changes. Testing is relatively easy.This separation enables you to iterate quickly over the outer layers without touching the inner layers which must be continuous.

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